xBS-G – High-precision balancing machine

High-precision balancing machine for gyroscopes and other lightweight rotors with self or external drive.

xBS-G balancing machine intended for balancing:

  • Gyroscopes
  • Dynamically tuned gyroscopes (DTG)
  • Self-driven rotors
  • High-speed rotors
  • Strongly magnetic rotors
  • Other special rotors


Minimum achievable residual unbalance (Emar):

Up to 0,01 g*mm/kg


The balancing machine can be specially modified to increase accuracy of several times.

Main features:

  • Easy to configure. To configure not needed reference rotor.
  • Easy to use
  • Balancing inboard and outboard rotors
  • Balancing self-driven rotors
  • External drive
  • Balancing strongly magnetic rotors

Technical data:

All parameters can be changed by consumer request.

Range of rotor masses1 g – 2000 g (by consumer request)
Type of balancing machineSoft-Bearing
Minimum achievable residual unbalance (Emar)Up to 0,01 gram*mm/kg
and better
Number of balancing planes1 – 2
Range of rotation frequencies600 – 60 000 RPM (10 – 1000 Hz)
and Higher
Mass of balancing machine (excl. PC)30 kg