xBL – Automatic laser balancing machine

Laser Balancing Machine xBL intended for fully (or semi) automatic balancing various types of gyroscopes (include Dynamically tuned gyroscope (DTG) ) and other lightweight rotors by removing masses through laser beam.

xBL balancing machine intended for balancing:

  • Gyroscopes
  • Dynamically tuned gyroscopes (DTG)
    • Moment unbalance (pickoff signal modulation)
    • Axial unbalance (displacement of rotor gravity center along rotation axis)
    • Radial unbalance (displacement of rotor gravity center in radial direction)
  • Self-driven rotors
  • High-speed rotors
  • Strongly magnetic rotors
  • Other special rotors

Process of the laser correction.

Main features:

  • Accuracy

    EMar = 0,005 g*mm/kg. AND BETTER!

    Dynamically tuned gyroscope (DTG) balancing accuracy directly depends of technical data gyroscope and limited only by the signals from internal sensors of gyroscope.

  • Automation

    Measurement and correction of unbalance are as much as possible automated.

  • Measurement in vacuum

    xBL standard equipped with a vacuum chamber for DTG balancing.

    Vacuum chamber is option for other types of rotors.

  • Thermal stabilization

    xBL may be equipped a thermal stabilization system.

  • Gas medium during correction

    Laser Balancing Machine allow the laser processing in various gas mediums:

    • Atmosphere
    • Vacuum
    • Rare gas
    • Nitrogen
    • Carbon dioxide
  • Measurement shaker (for DTG)

    For DTG balancing xBL equipped with a measurement shaker for radial balancing of the DTG.
    Acceleration up to 5G.

  • Orientation device (for DTG)

    For DTG balancing xBL equipped with a orientation device for automatic gyroscope orientation during axial balancing of the DTG.